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Providers participating in the CCFP will receive a refund for providing nutritious meals and snacks to enrolled children. The refund rate is set by the USDA and is based on a flat rate for each meal or snack that meets the requirements. Suppliers can claim refunds for meals, snacks and other non-perishable foods. In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provide funding for foods found to be at risk of nutritional problems for children under 5 in California.

This advantage is ensured by an electronic card with a debit card, which is accepted in most grocery stores, as well as by credit / debit cards and other electronic payment methods.

If you have access to the Internet, you can keep your information up to date with KidKare and submit your claims electronically at the end of each month. Providers have the option of submitting their claims online or manually filling in menus submitted by post or submitted to us. Those providers who do not have access to a computer or device can still claim to log menus, meals and attendance for each day using the scannable form of Minute Menu.

Call us at 707 - 863 - 3950 or send us an e-mail using our online contact form and we will arrange a training for you at home. People who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech impairment should contact the USDA at (807) 862-3200 for more information about their disability status. Disabled people who need assistance with food stamps or other federal, state or local programs or services should contact the authority (state or local) where the benefit is requested. If you have at least one child in care and have a daycare license or TrustLine registration, please contact us for more information.

CCFP staff visit your provider to provide program advice and training, but those visits are decreasing based on meal services and nutrition, health and safety information. To file a discrimination complaint, fill out the USDA complaint form (which you can find online) or write a letter to the USDA to your USDA office. It usually takes about an hour, so bring all the information you need to get in and bring it with you if you forget to take the day off. When you submit a complaint, you must provide the information requested on the form with your letter.

The primary goal of the CCFP is to provide nutritious meals and snacks to children who are in day care or at home, Goree said. Solano Family and Children's Services provides CC FP to licensed Trustline Registered Child Care Providers and their families living in Solano, Napa and Yolo counties. Compliance with the program guidelines will allow the county to recoup some of the funds from the restaurant industry, even though there are not as many meals as there are currently in normal service, GoreE said. Variety is limited because the menu is the same, while schools do not have the ability to cook food as they would on a normal school day.

Schools in Fairfield and Suisun are currently closed due to the Covid '19 outbreak and are not due to reopen until April 20. For now, Corey is trying to remain optimistic that the students will return to school sometime during the summer holidays. Depending on recommendations and orders from state agencies, the schools could well remain closed for a longer period.

The Fairfield - Suisun School District continues to provide food for students who need it for children 18 years and older living in the Fairfields and Suisun areas. Services are free and food can be collected at any school in the district, as well as at Solano Family and Children's Services, which sponsors the required forms for the program.

At the board meeting Thursday night, Superintendent Kris Corey noted that there are many people who have volunteered to participate in the program. The children do not have to be district students, but they should be present at the food distribution locations as adults. Children who are taught good nutrition early do better at school and are proven to become healthy adults, he said. The county is busy with fingerprints on the spot - county employees, but also volunteers from the Solano Family and Children's Service.

The district is participating in a summer program called the "Seamless Summer Option," a federal program that helps districts provide meals to at-risk school children to ensure they remain well fed during school hours. The Fairfield-Suisun School District was able to use a template for the program by passing the food programs and ensuring that children in the area had enough to eat while schools were closed due to the Covid '19 outbreak.

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