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Fairfield University's (6-1, 2-0 MAAC) men's basketball team continues its quest for a breakthrough in the MAAC Conference with a 3-2 win over the University of New Hampshire (1-5, 0-3) on Friday night in front of 2,000 fans.

The Metro-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) ended its regular season on Friday night with a 3-0 victory over the University of New Hampshire (1-5, 0-3). The St. Metro Atlantic Athletics Conference, also known as MAACC, hosts an annual men's basketball tournament, in which the winner receives a spot in the NCAA Division I - AAA tournament in New York City. The NAIA is a two-year junior college that is strongly committed to elite sport. Most programs qualify as "Division I" or "AAA" under the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Fairfield University has one of the highest graduation rates in the NAIA, with a rate of 66.5 per cent. The lowest rate is Canisius College at 29.428 percent, according to the report by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAIC). It is also the second highest reported graduation rate for a two-year junior college in New York State, behind the University of Rochester.

The eleven institutions are strongly linked to the Atlantic Highlands Conference (USCSA), in which they compete in the New York State Collegiate Athletic Association (NAIA).

The Lacrosse Showcase offers first-class lacrosse players the opportunity to show their skills in front of the university coaching staff. Campers train with the Stags and practice techniques and tactics that have been successful in other sports such as football, baseball, football, basketball and football. The school prepares its students for the 2016 / 17 season through a rigorous four-day training program. In addition to their home games, the Deer play their away games at the University of New York at Buffalo and Stony Brook University.

As for the nickname, the name fits Fairfield's desire for a name that matches what our students are - athletes and who we would like to be. The deer is also known as the "best jumper" because it is the best jumper in Connecticut State, according to the NCAA.

The Stags will play their home games at Fairfield Stadium, home of Connecticut State's basketball teams. The university is located on the east side of Long Island Sound, north of New York City. Set in a forested, scenic area overlooking Long Islanders Sound, it is home to the University of Connecticut College of Veterinary Medicine and Yale School of Medicine.

The Metro - Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) is a Division I NCAA college conference consisting of eleven schools from three states in the Northeast of the United States. Next up is the Metro Atlantic Conference, which at one point was a pretty solid conference but now ranks near the bottom five or six in college basketball. This college athletics conference is made up of ten schools from different parts of the Northeast of the USA. The MetroAtlantic Athletics Conference is an NCAA affiliated Collegiate Sports Conference in New York City, New Jersey and Atlantic Coast Conference in Connecticut. It consists of twelve schools, eleven of which are from the three US sports federations located in the Northeast of the state.

The Fairfield Stags women's tennis team participates in the Ivy League Women's Tennis Tournament in New York City, New Jersey. The team played its first-ever tournament last year, challenging the Ivy League champion Penn Quakers before losing 10-8 in the first round. This is a Division I NCAA college athletics conference, consisting of eleven schools in three states in the Northeast of the United States.

The Stags started the season with a 3-0 win over Fairleigh Dickinson in the first round of the Ivy League women's tennis tournament. The next trio lost twice to Niagara and once to Fair Leigh Dickinson and then three times to the Quakers.

The Stags met the University of Washington in the 2004 NCAA Women's Tennis Championship, and the Purple Eagles swept the Fairfield Stag's and improved to 2-2 in the MAAC game with a 3-1 record. The 1979 Fairfields Stagged Football Team, led by former UMass Lowell head coach and current head coach, played its first game of the season on Saturday, September 7, where stagging 60-40 to the University of Massachusetts-Lowell fell in front of a sellout crowd of 2,000 fans.

The Stags are currently coached by Andrew Copelan, who previously coached Southern Connecticut State University Owls to the NCAA Division I title in 2007. I'm not sure. The Stag's played their home games at the new lacrosse facility - Rafferty Stadium only - and played two games in front of a sellout crowd of 2,000 fans on Saturday, September 7 against the University of Massachusetts - Lowell and Sunday, October 1 against UMass Lowell. The Stagged's are currently played in the New England Collegiate Athletic Conference (MAAC) and are coached by former Fairfield Stagging 2009-10 head coach AndrewCopelans, who is currently coaching the Deer.

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